In Emburbul village, in the Embulbul depression, in the Ngorongoro District, Nainokanoka ward in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania, the impoverished Maasai community faces many challenges, girls are married as early as age 12, and often die in childbirth. At least one of the men has 17 wives and about 50 children. The women have had to walk 8 miles round trip for water, at least until the water problem is fixed. Several years back a volcano spewed ash over the area and most of the cattle died.

In addition, in the village and among the Maasai people, the people are outgrowing their land. The conservation district is contemplating moving some of the people out of the area because there is not enough forage for the cattle and the wildlife that the district is charged to protect is threatened.

In March of 2016, a patron came to the village. The villagers asked him to help with several challenges, including the water supply, the cattle health, family planning, the school house, and the women’s bead coop.

As a result, several projects have been started, including family planning, girls education, fixing the water supply, beekeeping, village banking, and forming a Community Based Organization. Avenues for water purification, sex education, male involvement, and livelihoods are being explored.

In addition, this website, a Facebook page, and an email list have been created to help the cause of meeting the challenges faced by the Emburbul villagers.

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