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Progress Report

We are still finding pieces of the solution of the water system.We still think that conservation by means of water tanks is a good part of the solution.

The Emburbul primary school children have started going to boarding school in Nainokanoka.  We have provided 28 girls’ uniforms and 20 boys’ uniforms as an incentive to the kids and parents. This will be a big help towards the goal of getting girls into school and keeping them out of child marriages.

There are two hitches in this plan:

1) Children can’t start at the boarding school until age 9 unless they can learn to wash their own clothing. This leaves a gap between nursery school (ages 5-7), which is at the village, and the time they can go to primary boarding school. So if they are to start primary school at age 8, they must walk 4 miles each way, every day, to school.

Possible solutions: a. teach the younger children to wash their own clothing. b. enlarge the scope of the nursery school at the village.

2) About 50% of children fail the Leaving Primary School exam, which means they cannot go to secondary (high) school.

Fortunately we have found a girls high school that takes failed girls: Emanyata in Loliondo, 135 km away. The school wants only $500 per girl per year, plus there are personal expenses of about $100. We have promoted a Facebook ad and we are soliciting donations to send several girls to Emanyata. See more here.

The three girls who are attending Shepherd School (English Boarding School), came home for their holiday this week. One of them, Nopenyi, had a rash and was sick. The doctor said she had brucellosis, a disease common among pastorals, contracted from eating unboiled meat and milk. If untreated, it can affect the organs of the body. The rash is a symptom of the disease. Except for the rash, the school staff did not seem to notice she was sick. I noticed that she rarely smiled although the other two girls did. Fortunately, Nopenyi has now been treated and her rash is gone. She is on a 28 day treatment plan.

We were hoping to have Marie Stopes come back this month to supply more contraception to the Emburbul women. We had finished our family planning video and Samwel has gone around and talked to the women about family planning, and at least one woman (maybe more) is interested. Plus there may be women who had unwanted side effects from the hormonal implant and needed to have it removed. But Marie Stopes said they were not coming back until next year – they were short-staffed. However, we now have reason to believe that the clinic in Nainokanoka may start family planning services. See more on this.

Village Conference – Constitution for Community-Based Organization

From Samwel:

We had a good meeting and the number of attendance very good, we discussed a lot family planning and  project that we have in our CBO many ladies were very interested in family planning because I had private talking with ladies before the general meeting, men were asking about water, school, and beekeeping  then I told them all the project are on the process to be done but after the registration for our CBO all projects we will done one by one.

We come also in agreement that all Emburbul students will go to boarding school (free) except standard one (age 7-8) only.


Samwel talking to village gathering

Progress Report

In June we sent 10 Emburbul midwives to FAME health clinic for training in Family Planning, and prenatal care.

Over the past week we have sent two groups of women with small children to FAME health clinic for training in Family Planning, Lactation, and Nutrition. Seven of the 16 women said they wanted family planning but were afraid their husbands would find out.



The NGO Marie Stopes reported that it comes to Nainokanoka every three months and the next visit is August 23. Women can go there to receive a family planning method. The various methods offered are IUDs. implants, the injectable, and pills.

We are very excited about this and can hardly wait to see how many women will go to Nainokanoka to get family planning.

The water flow varies. Recently it slowed to a trickle. On investigation, it was found that a spear was used which broke the pipe. Heads of all the villages using the water got together and decided that whoever does this will be punished. Ben has completed a water instruction manual which should help water maintenance happen.

We are gearing up to send 3 girls to primary boarding school. They will probably go to Arusha. We are already sponsoring a health college student, Grace, who starts at Syue health college in Arusha  soon. Grace has been lots of help with the midwives and mothers training.


Early in March 2016, a sponsor of one of the young men in Emburbul, Mapena, came to visit the village. The villagers honored the sponsor and his friend in a ceremony and then they proceeded to give the sponsor a list of challenges that the village faced.

Since then the sponsor, Ben, and his friend, Karen back in the USA have worked on these challenges.

Karen has a background in family planning and women’s empowerment while Ben is an engineer, and student of agriculture and sustainability.

Mapena has completed wildlife college and is a wildlife ranger for the Ngorgoro conservation district. Mapena’s girl friend is looking to enter community health college in August, and currently works in a health care clinic. Her going to school on her own initiative is a wonderful inspiration for the girls and women of Emburbul.

Samwell is another Emburbul villager who has been very helpful helping both Ben and Karen tackle the various challenges the villagers face.