Progress Report

In June we sent 10 Emburbul midwives to FAME health clinic for training in Family Planning, and prenatal care.

Over the past week we have sent two groups of women with small children to FAME health clinic for training in Family Planning, Lactation, and Nutrition. Seven of the 16 women said they wanted family planning but were afraid their husbands would find out.



The NGO Marie Stopes reported that it comes to Nainokanoka every three months and the next visit is August 23. Women can go there to receive a family planning method. The various methods offered are IUDs. implants, the injectable, and pills.

We are very excited about this and can hardly wait to see how many women will go to Nainokanoka to get family planning.

The water flow varies. Recently it slowed to a trickle. On investigation, it was found that a spear was used which broke the pipe. Heads of all the villages using the water got together and decided that whoever does this will be punished. Ben has completed a water instruction manual which should help water maintenance happen.

We are gearing up to send 3 girls to primary boarding school. They will probably go to Arusha. We are already sponsoring a health college student, Grace, who starts at Syue health college in Arusha  soon. Grace has been lots of help with the midwives and mothers training.

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