Early in March 2016, a sponsor of one of the young men in Emburbul, Mapena, came to visit the village. The villagers honored the sponsor and his friend in a ceremony and then they proceeded to give the sponsor a list of challenges that the village faced.

Since then the sponsor, Ben, and his friend, Karen back in the USA have worked on these challenges.

Karen has a background in family planning and women’s empowerment while Ben is an engineer, and student of agriculture and sustainability.

Mapena has completed wildlife college and is a wildlife ranger for the Ngorgoro conservation district. Mapena’s girl friend is looking to enter community health college in August, and currently works in a health care clinic. Her going to school on her own initiative is a wonderful inspiration for the girls and women of Emburbul.

Samwell is another Emburbul villager who has been very helpful helping both Ben and Karen tackle the various challenges the villagers face.

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